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Our Philosophy
The financial services industries reputation has been greatly tarnished over the past decade. Many brokers and advisors often incorrectly misuse the word “trust” – as they are limited in their ability to provide a true, unbiased fiduciary relationship for their clients – just based on their employer relationship. In any successful relationship, trust is essential.  When looking for a financial advisor, you deserve to know how we operate so you can make an informed decision about working with us.  JW Brower is different in a number of critical ways.  For one, we’re not a subsidiary of a financial conglomerate.  Most importantly, here, you are never just a sequence of numbers on an account. We believe that being independent and not conflicted by business interests or stockholder profits – is the only way to provide truly objective and trusted advice.  Joining JW Brower means establishing a relationship with a trusted firm who addresses your needs and has your best interests at heart.  From generation to generation, we’ve established a reputation for accountability and clarity, and truly treat you like family.  You’ll know where your money is and what it’s doing for you.  

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